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The RCTA runs three very successful singles ladders: an Open Ladder, on which both men and women may participate, a Women's Ladder, and a ladder for men ages 45 and over. All adult players must be RCTA members and must pay an annual fee of $30.00 for each ladder they wish to join (to join any of the ladders, go to Join the RCTA). A ladder board at the courts keeps track of current standings supplemented by the online ladders. Last year more than 200 players (both men and women) competed on the various ladders. All are designed to encourage play.

Singles: Each player on either singles ladder provides his name, home and work phone numbers and indicates when he or she is available to play: Weekends, Weekday Days or Weekday evenings. Standings from one year carry over to the next, provided the player rejoins. Any new players are added to the bottom of the list. Players may challenge anyone up to 20 places higher (exception: those ranked 95 or lower may challenge anyone ranked 76 or lower).

A challenge match consists of a single set, with a 12-point tiebreaker at 6-6. Win and they move up, lose and they stay where they are. The one exception is for new players, whose first challenge may be as high as they like. Win and they move to that position; lose and they must work their way up from the bottom. At the end of the season there is a ladder playoff among the top 16 players who have played a minimum of 10 matches.

To play on any of the ladders, you must first sign up and join the RCTA. To do that, go to Join the RCTA.

Once you've joined and received the ladder password, you can enter it below and choose the ladder you wish to view

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