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Junior Ace Program

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For players 9 to 18, with a strong interest in tennis and intermediate-to-advanced skill levels, we recommend our Junior Ace Program, which is a two-hour program, with 4 participants to a court. Junior Ace Programs are available in spring, summer and fall for 6-weeks each session. Cost of a 6-week, 2-hour program is $450.

Sessions include a mix of drills, strategic & tactical training, and match play. Junior Ace participants are encouraged to play in RCTA Junior Tournaments in the spring and fall and to sign up for local USTA Sanctioned Junior tournaments.

All Junior Ace participants should have a minimum of 3 years of prior tennis training. Junior Aces offers entry level for first-time program participants, 9-12 ages, who are graduating from RCTA's First Serve program; intermediate level for those with one or two years Jr Ace or equivalent level training; and advanced level for those with more than two years Jr Ace-level training. If you are uncertain about the appropriate level, please consult with Ben Levin, RCTA Program Director at .

All RCTA junior programs are meant for children and grandchildren of RCTA members. While it is certainly fine if you join the RCTA solely to enroll your children in these programs, please do remember that you are joining a non-profit, volunteer community association dedicated to maintaining the public courts and surrounding landscape in Riverside Park.

Cancellation and Refund Policies
RCTA cannot guarantee a refund for any lessons. However, if you cancel at least 2 weeks prior to the first class, we will do our very best to sell your spot to someone else and have that person pay you for the spot. For makeup policies, please see Frequently Asked Questions: Group Lessons